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Due to licensing laws; T&C’s need to cover legal stipulations. However, we offer very informal, friendly and empathetic care throughout our services.

1       The client authorises the signed contract to be valid approval for future services, therefore allowing Walking Woofs to accept future bookings without additional signed contracts or authorisation. By signing below, I am promising to read these terms and conditions in their entirety.

2       The client agrees to provide full and honest information to Walking Woofs about their pets during the booking procedures. Behaviour which may negatively impact on myself, my family, my own dogs, those boarding, my home / hosts home or our neighbours will not be accepted. These include but are not limited to excessive barking, howling, anti-social behaviour, aggression towards any humans or animals, toileting in the home, severe separation anxiety, destructive behaviour, straying and severe phobias.

3       Aggression of any form will not be tolerated. Should this ever happen your dog will need to be removed from Walking Woofs care immediately and your dog will need to be seen by a veterinarian to determine if there is an underlying cause. The cost of the full 'planned' service will be payable. Services may be terminated permanently for this dog.

4       Dogs which cause undue stress to us / hosts, or our dogs will be requested to leave.  Similarly, if your dog is stressed and doesn't settle, we will converse with you. Your dog’s wellbeing is most important.

5       The emergency contact will be asked to take over care for the dog(s) in the event of an emergency, be it an evacuation at my home in the event of a fire or such like or if you’re dog displayed behaviour which meant they can no longer be cared for. These behaviours can be, but not limited to, aggression, separation anxiety, anti-social behaviour, toileting or destructive behaviour in my home. Refunds will not be given under these circumstances. Please seek permission for your emergency contact to be nominated.

6       The client agrees that if their pet attacks another animal or person, including any representative of Walking Woofs, and this results in injury to that animal or person, they will be responsible for any expense incurred as a result. This includes payment of veterinary fees incurred as a result of injuries to another animal caused by their dog. The dog will be removed with immediate effect and placed with the emergency contact and no refund will be due.

7       New clients agree to an introductory meeting to allow us to meet the dog(s) and discuss aspects of care and also introduce them to our own dogs if necessary. This meeting will usually take place in the home where your dog will stay; by arrangement and is provided free of charge. Occasionally an overnight trial (up to 24 hours) may be required at a cost to the client of our standard rate.

8       The client agrees to hand over the dog(s) to Walking Woofs in good health.

9       Dogs must be capable of a 1 hour walk unless previously arranged with us.

10    Any current illnesses or ailments will be disclosed and any medication for such ailments will be supplied and detailed on the Medication Permission form.

11    If any illness appears or has not been disclosed upon drop off and appears to be or is diagnosed as contagious, the emergency contact will be asked to collect the dog with immediate effect. No refund will be given in this circumstance. A dog can only be returned for the remainder of the booking if their vet has deemed any illness as no threat to us or other dogs. This must be in writing from your vet on their letterhead and signed. If a period of more than one-month elapses between a booking confirmation and the commencement of service, the client must ensure that we are informed of any changes made to the pet’s health, routine or care. This must be done by the client in writing

12    If your dog is aged or has a long-term condition, we will require additional information to cover every eventuality.  


Diseases – A letter from your vet confirming the disease is not contagious. (including pets id chip number). 


We require a written note from you the owner, (to include chip number, vets, and signed by yourself) indicating your wishes should your dogs health decline, or pass away. This should include your wishes on euthanasia and or after death care.  (cremation for example).


13    All dates and times are looked upon as appointments and must be followed. Please remember this is our business but also our home and if you arrive early dogs may be feeding or I may be attending to other customers. If you are running more than 30 minutes late, we take no responsibility for being unavailable to receive your dog or for you to collect your dog. If you are unavoidably delayed by more than 30 minutes, you must contact myself before the arranged time to arrange another suitable time for drop off or collection. Please only call or text to arrange, if you use any other form of messaging this may not be received if I am not in a WiFi enabled area.




14    The client agrees that the dog(s) will be walked by a responsible and trained representative of Walking Woofs and if necessary; where agreed, the dog(s) will be placed with a suitable host.

15    The client agrees that their dog(s) will come into contact with other dogs, both in and outside of our premises and on group walks. On such occasions, dogs from separate households will not be left together unsupervised, or at night. By signing these terms and conditions you are agreeing to your dog(s) sharing supervised socialisation times with dogs from other households.

16    Owners are hereby consenting that if their dog(s) are under one year of age that, where possible will be given the opportunity to have supervised interaction with people, children and dogs (big and small) to ensure their socialisation and emotional growth. They will be given time to explore the environment and be kept entertained with activities. All training will be force free and positively rewarding. We will continue any basic training you have started. We are not qualified trainers or behaviourists. Dogs under a year old will only board with other young dogs that can cope with puppy play. We will encourage rest time even if that means separating the dogs. Any sign of Illness we will segregate the puppy and contact you and the vet. Your puppy will be walked for an appropriate time for their age and development.

17    The client agrees that if insufficient food or other supplies are provided to cover their pet’s stay, the cost of purchasing additional items will be payable on collection of their dog(s).

18    The client will inform their veterinarian that Walking Woofs care for their pets while they are away (or at work) and if possible, arrange for card details to be held, so that emergency payments can be made.  Any veterinary fees that are incurred for your pets and have been paid by Walking Woofs, must be reimbursed immediately on your return. Your dog(s) medical history and treatment must be made available in the event of illness or injury. If your dog shows signs of disease or illness s/he will be isolated from the other dogs until I have advice from yourself or the vet with how to proceed.  Following infectious disease, I will undergo a quarantine period before boarding again. I will inform my licencing team of any death in the premises and arrangements for your dog’s body to be stored at the vets until you return unless we have specific written instructions from the owner. You the owner are responsible for all vets’ bills.

19    If a dog was to escape, the local warden would be contacted immediately alongside the owners and if deemed necessary, the police.  Walking woofs will search for the dog with all means available and notices placed on local social media sites.

20    If a medical emergency arises for the dog(s), We will make every effort to contact the client and their emergency contact. Where time is of the essence, the client authorises Walking woofs to seek medical services at the nearest veterinary practice. The client agrees to reimburse for all services rendered by a veterinarian in accordance with the owners wishes as stated and signed in the veterinary release form. Our designated vets are New Street Vets, Honiton.

21    Unless otherwise agreed, your dog(s) will be exercised on a harness or collar and a soft lead. Where a client is happy that their dog is allowed to run free off the lead, they must be willing to sign an off-lead disclaimer, under which the client agrees to accept responsibility for accident, injury or loss, caused by or to their dog. If your dog’s recall slips s/he will be placed on a long line to re-establish recall.

22    Due to the nature of our walks, your dog(s) will get muddy.  For Walkers though we do hose off if a hose is available and towel down best we can if towels are provided.

23    In the event of serious accident or illness of myself, the client accepts that alternative emergency cover will be arranged for their dog(s). The Client will be kept informed at all times.

24    Where a key is held, understand that we will have a copy made to ensure service can continue in the case of emergency.  All keys will be returned at end of service.  All keys; when not in use are held in a fully secure key safe.

25    Where a key safe is used, codes will be told to our relevant walkers.  All walkers hold DBS certificates. 

26    The dog(s) must be wormed and treated for fleas/tics before being placed with us, and this is the client’s responsibility.

27    All dogs must be fully up to date with their yearly vaccinations or titre tested with certificate of proof. This must be provided YEARLY for continual service.  As required by DEFRA

28    All vaccinations or course of vaccinations should be completed at least 2 weeks prior to any service. We reserve the right to decline to accept any animal that arrives for a service looking visibly unwell, no refund will be given if declined. We cannot board dogs who have been in kennels or larger day care facilities within the month preceding the board. This is because of the risk of infection to other dogs within our care.

29    Any dog who is not collected within two days of the agreed collection date, and where there has been no contact from the client or their emergency contact will be assumed abandoned and any necessary provisions made.

30    Walking Woofs will carry out all agreed services in a reliable, caring and trustworthy manner. In consideration of these services and as an express condition thereof, the client waives and relinquishes any and all claims against Walking Woofs except those arising from gross negligence or misconduct.

31    The client is liable for any damages to Walking woofs Property caused by your dog.

32    All dogs must be microchipped and wear a quick release collar with correct ID. 

33    Dogs with profuse coats must be free of mats and/or clumps that restrict movement or cause pain. Claws must be kept short to enable walking free of pain.    If a dog is found to be uncomfortable, we will try our best to rectify the situation, notifying you the owner at all times.

34    Entire males are taken at our discretion, following a trial, your entire male may show behaviours unseen to you due to the different environment.  This behaviour may also come on over time as he ages. 

35    Bitches in season are not permitted, bitches that come into season during a stay will be kept away from males.

36    We will always try to walk your dog at your chosen time, however if the weather is against us, we will walk when is safe to do so.  I.E In the hot summer we will not walk at mid-day and in the winter if a storm is due, we will adjust times accordingly for the safety of your dog and us.

37    We pride ourselves on our flexibly to fit in around your needs. However, we do expect that should your plans unavoidably change; that you notify us immediately.    




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