A Little About Myself and the team

Since I was young I’ve always loved animals and have a natural affinity with them, I grew up on a farm and have always had a vast array of animals around me.  From cats and dogs of all breeds to cows and horses,  I have never been with out animals. I have 3 Beagle's and a Labrador of my own, and until very recently always kept cats and horses too.  Not forgetting my son and of course my husband who is also part of the team and can be found with the dogs in the day centre. 

I love to be outdoors and relish in joining in with the dogs adventures, I can often be found in the sea or rivers with them in the summer....  I have always used natural horsemanship with my ponies and a lot of this is transferred to my leadership with the dogs.




I began Walking Woofs in  2016 as a way to help support my family.  Little did I know that it would be the roaring success that it is and that it would develop to be a proper family business that we are very proud of .  We even had Clare Balding join us on a walk for her BBCR4 show. 

In early 2018 I started studying Canine Psychology - diploma issued Jan 2019. I have a passion for learning and in May 2018 I passed my canine first aid training, which I keep updated with yearly courses. In early 2019 I passed my  Canine Communication diploma.  Dogs however really are the best teachers, but my learning has and does continue with various courses. 

I have the opportunity to share my love and joy of animals with my clients and pet owners in the Blackdowns and East Devon area. I hope I get the chance to meet your lovely pet soon and take him on some of our adventures.   Please take a look on my Facebook page where you will see many pictures and videos of our outings. 

                         Due to the amazing success of Walkingwoofs and its popularity we have expanded the team, see below to meet them.

Meet the team




Walking Woofs Founder

Canine 1st Aid 2018
Dogs BFF award 2018
Kennel Club good citizen award 2018
Pet Psychology Diploma 2019
Dog Walking and Pet sitting Diploma 2019
Canine Communication Diploma 2019

Dog Rescuers guide - 2020

Language of a species ( canine) 2020

Canine Compulsive disorder 2021


Day Care Supervisor

(The husband)

Canine  Communication  Diploma 2020

Pet Psychology Diploma 

Canine first aid Sept 2020

Assisting Chaz at the day centre are Anne-Marie, Anna and Maria.  


My wing woman


Passion for working breeds.
Boarding host and top notch walker.
Dog Walking and Pet sitting Diploma 2019
Canine Communication Diploma 2019

Canine 1st Aid Nov 2019


Wonderful Walker 


Annie brings with her a love of dogs, particularly terriers and experience from working in vets, kennels and rehoming centres. 

Canine 1st Aid Nov 2019


Chief Dog Cuddler 

(The Son)

Barnaby adores the dogs that visit our home, the day centre or join our walks. He is very calm with them and they just seem to love him right back, 

Walking Woof Hosts

Put Your Trust in Me 

We understand that not every dog likes the company of other dogs, and that's fine....  equally, in busy periods we just need extra hands to fill the boarding requests. All hosts and their homes have been vetted by myself and follow the same protocols and high service that you have come to expect with walking woofs.  All hosts are very local to me and I remain on hand for assistance if necessary.   We have hosts to cater most situations, from no other dog, no cats, no children, quite homes etc.  we will always try to match the best host home to suit the dog.