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Doggy Daycare Centre 

We are very excited to have a custom designed Day centre for your

dogs.  Spaces are  very limited and dogs will be requested to have a free  trial

morning  to ensure they are happy in the surroundings.   

Open 8am - 6pm  mon- fri 

Drop of and collections during allotted times only  to reduce barking. 

Drop offs by 9.30, collections 12 -2 and 4.30 - 6 

Earlier drops and Later collections by agreement only. 

£22 per dog per day  *second dog discount.        Absolutely no aggression will be tolerated.  

Your dog must be Vaccinated or Titre tested to come to the Day Centre.  A Hard copy of the vaccine certificate must been given to the staff after each booster.  



                                                                                                                                           We understand that you don't want to leave

                                                                                                                                           your dog behind, but sometimes modern life

                                                                                                                                           doesn't allow us to do as we would wish. For                                                                                                                                              those days when you simply can't give your                                                                                                                                                best friend the time and attention he needs we                                                                                                                                            are here to fill the gap.




IMG-20210702-WA0030 (1)_edited
Walking Woofs - pet photography-37
Walking Woofs - pet photography-29_edited
tyre fun
Sniff work in the tyres
group ball play
big dog play
posing on the climbing blocks
play time
ball play
jump pad fun
king of the castle
day centre

The Day Care Centre is a safe and monitored enviorment for the dogs to socialize, learn and play.  Each dog will be assessed individually to ensure s/he fits in well with the others and to make sure your dog is happy in this setting. 


We can take puppies from four months of age; we take special care to ensure they have enough breaks and rest times so that they don't over-do it!


Our indoor area has plenty of toys and rest areas and is sectioned into three areas, the cozy corner, the dens and the play zone.  There is also a large outdoor area with different toys, activities and space to let off energy.

During the day dogs will not just be running around playing randomly.  Staff will be actively engaging with the dogs all day, playing with them and directing them to certain activities.  Indoor play, outdoor play, rest times and basic training sessions will make up the day. 

Dogs are also encouraged to chill out and indulge in natural behaviours such as sniffing and digging in the sand pit. 

If you're out for the day,
let your dog come and play

All day care dogs will receive basic training sessions as part of the package.  This is done for several reasons: it improves relationships between the dogs and the staff, helps to tire them mentally and improves safety.  This will include sit and down stays, doorway manners and impulse control or "Leave it" exercises; also recall from play, as well as other things from time to time. 

Social Group Day Care is not a perfect fit for every dog.  It is essential for the safety of all that we accept only those dogs that are comfortable with the environment and each other, and compliant with staff.  Each dog will therefore be required to join us for a free half day induction session.   

Please contact us to find out more or book a trial morning.  

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