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Jan / Feb 2022


A very Belated Happy New year, I hope the start of 2022 is treating you well.  I haven’t done a newsletter for a little while and we have some news and price changes that I wanted to make sure everyone is aware of.

At the beginning of January, we put our prices up for boarding for the first time since we started in 2016.  Per 24 hours for 1 dog is now £25.  2 dogs £40 and £10 per additional dog thereafter.  We also changed our Bank at the beginning of the year so please if you are using the old Nationwide details, do contact me for the new correct NatWest details.  Unfortunately, we have had a fair few new customers let us down and not arrive for their bookings so we will now require a 25% non-refundable deposit to secure bookings from new customers.  This can be transferred to additional bookings if placements are cancelled in good time. 

We are exceptionally busy with boarding just now, with bookings through until November so please double check that we are available before booking your holiday.  If you have a booking with us that is now no longer required, please make sure you let us know ASAP.  With the need to use our host families even more, due to popularity, we must ensure that all bookings are still made though me (Jenny) please.  If you require a booking between now and November, do still ask as we may have a host available or had a cancellation. 

The day center is also very busy with only very few slots remaining, so please try and stick to your regular day, we try and be as flexible as possible for you.  If you wish to swap or change days please notify us in good time as some days now have a waiting list. 

Earlier this month we where thrilled to find out that we won the Corporate Livewire Prestige Business Award for the Best Dog Care Service in the South of England.  We are obviously very pleased with this and it has made us even more proud of our business and team. 

Please make sure your dog’s Vaccinations (worming and flea treatments) are up-to-date and that you let us have a copy of the certificate for our files.   Additionally, that we have the correct contact details etc. Please double check that your dog has a well-fitting collar with a readable ID tag.   During this grotty wet and muddy season, it would be helpful if towels / drying coats and or a bucket of water with a sponge, could be left for the dogs we collect for daily walks.   There has been a very nasty Gastro bug flying around dogs in this area, if your dog’s show any symptoms of having this then they must not attend for walks, boarding or Day care. 

Classes / Workshops ran by qualified trainer Donna Green

Loose Lead Workshop – 5th & 19th March        ~     Puppy Life Skills – 8th March

Enrichment for Pets – 9th April       ~   Please email info@pet­ to book on.


As always, Thank you for your business and support.


Kindest Regards,  Jenny and Chaz. 



Winter 2021 -  

hope this email greats you in good health.  It’s been a busy few months so I’ve slacked somewhat on the newsletters!!!  This one will be brief and I will try to categorise it into the services you use. Don’t forget we post daily on Facebook so keep an eye on the page just in case.

Walkers ….

·       Walking services will pause 24th December to 4th Jan inclusive. 

·       Mud season is upon us.  Please leave a towel and or a drying coat available for your pooch. 

·       Please ensure your dog has an up-to-date ID tag on the collar, and also ensure that collars and harnesses are secure and well fitting.

Day care ….

·       Day care will be closed 24th December to 4th January inclusive. 

·       Please ensure your dog has an up-to-date ID tag on his well-fitting quick release collar.

·       It can get cold at the centre; we have heaters and a selection of coats but you may wish to send your dog in with his own jacket now.

·       Your dog must remain up-to-date with his vaccines and we must have a copy of the records.  Please ensure this is the case.

·       Drop off times are between 8am and 9.30am and collection is between 12 – 1.30pm and 4.30 and 6pm Please adhere to these times unless prior notice has been given.

·       If your dog has a regular day at the centre, please ensure you stick to the day and give as much notice as possible if your dog won’t be in as planned. 

·       We always try to accommodate and be flexible but we have strict licencing rules for number of dogs allowed.

Boarding ….

·       Please ensure your dog has an up-to-date ID tag

·       Your dog must remain up-to-date with his vaccines and we must have a copy of the records.  Please ensure this is the case.

·       We always try to accommodate and be flexible but we have strict licencing rules for number of dogs allowed, so please try and give us as much notice for boarding requirements as you can.  We do have host families to help out if possible. We are exceptionally busy and 2022 is already filling up quickly.

·       Please remember that although this is our business, this is also our home, so dogs that continually pee or cause stress and destruction won’t be tolerated.

·       Please ensure your dog has enough food for the duration of his stay.

·       Although you may want to bring all your dogs belongings, less is best (its less for me to misplace and ultimately more for my beagles to destroy)


Due to the constant rise of fuel / licenses / insurance and electric etc, our prices will be increasing for the first time in 5 years.  As of 4th January, please note the following rise in prices. Based on 1 dog,  additional dogs discount applies. 


·       Walking.  Any area outside of Dunkeswell will now be £15 per walk.  

·       Daycare. No change

·       Boarding. £25 Per 24 hours 


All services must be paid for in a timely manner. 


Please also note our new bank details. Grateful if you could always ensure that 

you put your dogs name, your surname and the service you’ve used as reference.  


            Jennifer Rowland.  Natwest.  - message for details please


Thanks, as always, for your continued support and custom. It's greatly appreciated. 


Winter 2020 newsletter - Here



Autumn News letter  - Here

August 2020   Hi,  I hope you are well and that your lives are now getting to a form of routine. Here at Walkingwoofs its very much business as normal, with boarding back to being as busy as ever, the walking dogs back out enjoying the adventures with their friends and the day centre once again open. 


We re-opened the centre 6 weeks ago and its going wonderfully.  The dogs love it and practically drag their owners to the door to come in.   As a reminder we are open their Monday to Friday 8 – 6 and if you would like your dog to try it out, we offer a free trial morning.  We do still have a few slots left and are happy to have adhoc or set days. 


As briefly just mentioned we are very busy with boarding so please don’t wait until last minute to book in, we are currently fully booked until mid-September.   However, it is always worth a phone call just in case we have had any cancellations.  As always, we will do our best to help.  We are still doing hand overs in the garden due to covid.  If you have been abroad or anywhere with risk, please do let us know.   Also any updated vaccinations or information needs to be issued on your next visit.


Its great to have the majority of the walkers back too, and a fair few new ones, all reaping the benefits of our fabulous walks. Again, please do get in touch if you’d like your dog to join us. Our walks are of an hour plus, in varied rural locations, full of fun and games and natural enrichment.  As a side note, remember to check your dog over for ticks and grass seeds, an unfortunate hazard of walking in the beautiful locations that we do.  Please also remember to leave towels and or a drying coat for your dog if possible.


We are thrilled to have teamed up with some of the area’s top Behaviourists, Therapists and trainers so that we can bring you courses and such.  All our courses are led by Qualified practitioners of the field, ensuring the welfare of your dog. 


Knowledge is a wonderful thing, but it really is best when shared.  


Our current Future Events


8th August - Workshop - Know your dog inside and Out - Ran by Rebeccah Baylis, Veterinary Physiotherapist and Canine Massage Therapist.  5 spaces only 10.00 – 12.30   


We are running this for free as a thank you for your support throughout the covid period and you can win a ticket by either visiting our FB page or by emailing me with why you deserve to win.  We will draw tickets at random on the 31st July.


25th August - 7 week course - Puppy Life Skills - Ran by Behaviourist and trainer Donna Green,   7pm - 8pm for vaccinated pups to 4 months.  8.30 - 9.30pm for pups 5 months to 2 years.    4 spaces only.   £75 

5th September - Canine 1st Aid - Ran by Royal Veterinary Nurse - Donna Green  6 spaces only.  £60


Sept -Date TBC - Homeopathy for Pets - Ran by homeopath and Reiki Master Elle Welsh  of  Serendipity Honiton.  Details to follow. 


20th October - 7 week course - Puppy Life Skills - Ran by Behaviorist and trainer Donna Green,   7pm - 8pm for vaccinated pups to 4 months.  8.30 - 9.30pm for pups 5 months to 2 years.    4 spaces only.   £75 


To book onto any of the courses please  email


We are also running Puppy socials now for vaccinated pups to 4 months of age.  These are held on every other Saturday morning. A fantastic way to let your new pup safely explore new surroundings and meet other dogs.  These are ran for free but we do ask for a minimum donation of £3 to our designated charity of the month.


For older pups we can offer social days or half days at the day centre.


We hope to run a photo portrait session soon too, with award winning photographer Krista Radzina. Please do let me know if you would be interested in this. 


As you may know team Walkingwoofs are embarking on a 26 mile trek for Alzheimer’s society,  Louise, Nancy and I are aiming to raise £900 between us.   If you would like to sponsor us we would be very grateful.       


A few thoughts before I sign off.  -  

Overweight dogs.   We have noticed a few dogs carrying a bit more weight than normal.  Please check your dogs weight and maybe reduce their food accordingly.  You should be able to feel your dog's ribs easily and he should have an hourglass waist.  Being overweight can cause a plethora of risks and diseases: diabetes, respiratory conditions, arthritis, joint disorders, even behavioural problems and reduction of lifespan.  


Neutering?  Did you know that intact males are more likely to be picked on by neutered males?  

by neutering your male dog he will be less inclined to be picked on by other males, and less inclined to pester females in embarrassing ways and his behaviour should improve as well as his focus.   As always there are pros and cons and we recommend doing the research, but if you dog spends a lot of time with other dogs it may be wize to look into neutering.  We often see the behavior that you don't, like excessive marking, Genital pestering, dog obsession and aggression (either received or given).     



What have you done today solely for the benefit of your dog?  Did you know that letting your dog sniff his route or search for his tea releases his happy and calming hormones?  Plus 10 minutes of sniffing can be as tiring as a 30 minute run.....


Thank you as always for your support and custom.  Please consider leaving a review on facebook or google.


Kindest regards’ and hugs to the dogs.


June 2020

We have been so lucky with weather haven't we?  How are your dogs coping with it though? Here at WWHQ we have had the doggies paddling pool out and have also been serving up frozen pupsicles to help keep the dogs cool.  The vans have been equipped with cool mats and water bowls in each of the sections to aid the dogs comfort for traveling in this weather.    We have been having some lovely trips out, 9 times out of 10 incorporating water. We have even been swimming in the sea with them.     Please remember to walk early morning or later in the evening when the heat is not so bad, Stick to shady walk spots with plenty of water spots available.  If at all possible avoid walking on the roads and pavement as the asphalt can burn the dogs paws, and of course never leave your dog in a car in this weather.  I gather the heat wave will soon be coming to an end but these are good points to remember throughout the summer.  


       If you, like many are returning to work soon, please have a think how this might affect the dogs.  They have become accustomed to having you around 24/7 and the sudden change could bring with it some undesirable behaviour.  Separation anxiety is a very common problem in dogs, and should your dog show signs please consult a qualified behaviourist to help you.   There are also many products available to help your dogs, Personally I prefer the natural herbal option,  Reputable herbalists will be able to assist you for your needs, We use Tranquilla from the Herbal Dog range.  The link is on my website.     


Please do feel free to ask if you have any concerns about your dog and I will do my best to help you.  We can also offer you walks and day care to break your dogs day up. 


       We are very much enjoying being back out with many of your dogs now, they too have loved being back with there friends.  Please do get in touch if you want your dog to join in.  We go on quality rural group walks of 1 hour plus and incorporate fun and games along the way and we vary our locations for ultimate enrichment.    Please take a look at our facebook page to see pictures of our daily adventures.

       The best news is that our Doggy Day Centre is reopening on the 15th June.  Custom designed to create the ultimate fun day out for your dog.  We've added a natural  fresh Herb selection area for your dogs to enjoy, a shady canopy, a paddling pool and an aeriated water fountain so the dogs can keep cool throughout the day.    As a reminder we are open from 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday.  Do get in touch to book your dog in.    We do offer a free half day trial should you want to see what it is like.   We do have a strict entrance policy just now due to Covid and ask that on dropping and collection of your dog that this is adhered to, Parvo-viruside spray and blue roll will be available for your hands and the gate latch. Dogs are to be placed into the holding area and your lead removed and taken with you (remember to bring it back later). We will then call them into the main area and wipe them down with Leucillin Antiviral pet safe spray.    Courses will take place as soon as we are able to safely do so.  

      Boarding is available once again and although we appreciate many of your holidays have been cancelled or rescheduled, If you do have a booking with us, please get in touch to confirm, change or cancel should this be the case. We don't have a cancelation fee but should you wish to, a voluntary contribution of the booking is most appreciated at this time.  

Here's to the world regaining some form of normality, in the mean time stay safe and well and we hope to see you and your dogs very soon. 



May 2020

First and foremost, I want to say a very heart felt thank you to each of you that have supported walkingwoofs though out this pandemic, we truly are so very grateful.

What an utterly crazy time it is?  I hope you are safe and well and managing to see the silver lining of this strange and worrisome situation.     We are missing the dogs tremendously and look forward to seeing them again in the future.  We have been walking a few dogs locally for key workers and the vulnerable over the last however many weeks but now that we’ve had further guidance from Defra we can start to slowly offer our services again, all be it with different protocols in place. (more on that later)

We do however need to keep reassessing what we do for our and your safety.  My husband is shielding so I need to take extra care, and with our children home there are limits to what we can offer.  

During the past weeks here at WWHQ we have enjoyed spending more time together as a family, and been enjoying the glorious weather, Having the extra time to put into training the dogs something new or just instilling good manners in their day to day happenings.  We have been playing particular attention to loose lead training and impulse control with food and have added some sniffer training in for variety.  You may even have seen the video on face book of my son attempting his homemade agility course with teddy…..

If you have a boarding booking with us please let us know asap if it is cancelled or just to confirm it.  We understand that holidays are being cancelled at rather last minute. We don’t have cancellation fees but due to the current situation we are asking for a voluntary contribution of part of your dogs stay to help us keep the business afloat until this has passed.   Moving forward we are considering putting a deposit system in place, we hope this is ok.  

On the 11th May 2020 Defra / CFSG and PIF released their current covid guidelines to enable us to return to work. This guidance is subject to change depending on Government advice of course. There remains no evidence that pets are implicated in the transmission of Coronavirus to people and infection of the pet is unlikely, but that there is some risk of virus being carried by pets and their belongings, so currently we are using our own leads for any dogs we walk.   We also have Leucillin spray to wipe the dogs over, and where possible we are asking that the dog handover be outside.

As many of you are still home, we understand that our services may not be needed as much, however if you do need us to walk for you again, we are now able to.     

Boarding is available again should you need it, drop of and collection must be done in our front garden with the 2-meter rule strictly adhered to.  The same goes for home daycare.  We will look to open the day centre once enough people are in need again. 

If you do need any of our services please just get in touch.

Please note we cannot offer our services if you or any one in your house hold has symptoms.   If you have been in contact with someone with symptoms we would need to be notified.  

As I’m sure you are aware, It is tick season, so keep your eye out for the pesky blighters on your pets.  Ticks can be removed very easily but please make sure its done properly. 


Its also the time that Adders are about on the commons, often basking in the sun.  an adder bite can be fatal to a dog so please watch out for them; they generally wont strike unless provoked.   If your dog is bitten its important to not let your dog walk back to the vehicle or to the vets, they should be lifted / carried or supported if you can and taken to the vets immediately.    


Whilst in lockdown, Walkingwoofs has teamed up with some of the UKs top canine Herbalists and can now offer you amazing UK made Herbal all-natural products for your dogs.  From shampoos and ear cleaners, teeth and gum health to flea and tick repellent, natural wormers, joint support, gut health etc.  Take a look on my website under the herbal dog tab.  Don’t forget to take advantage of the 10% discount by using code Jennifer10.  Please note that I currently don’t stock the products and they can only be purchased online.

I’m sure there was more I was meant to tell you but its getting late so I’ll end here.  Please keep yourself well and give a big hug to your dogs from us.  



April 2020.    

I hope this email finds you well and your family in good health.   With the news today of the further 3 week lockdown period I just wanted to keep you posted as to what's happening with us as well as mention a few things regarding your own dog.  The last three weeks may have seemed like a holiday to your dog, having you around all the time if you are not usually,  but going forward it is important to maintain some normal behaviours around them to prevent a serious behavioural condition when we all return to normal.  Separation anxiety is a serious condition which can affect all pets, no matter what species. To try and prevent this condition occurring, try and give your pet some alone time daily, do something without your pet, be it sitting in the garden or in the lounge. Try and keep to a routine, put on shoes, pick up keys, leave the house as long as you maintain current Government Social Guidelines.  


Leave your pet to sleep, Adult dogs still need to sleep on average 16 hours. Tire their brains with games and training.  On your walk let them sniff, not only does this release a happy hormone, but it also tires their minds.  Feed from kongs, bottles or boxes, scatter feed in the garden.  Freeze yoghurt and bananas to give your dog a nice cool treat. 


with this glorious weather we have been having please remember not to walk in the mid day heat, though I gather the temperature is dropping now.  Oh and I've also heard of more confirmed cases of Alabama rot in both Honiton and Exmouth so continue to be vigilant of sores on your dogs,  legs, snout and under belly in particular. 



So what's going on with us?


Day Centre - We sadly had to close the doors of our day centre just one week after opening, however this will only be temporary and as soon as we are given the green light to open again we will be doing so. 


Our "Know your dog inside and out" workshop has been postponed, again until we know what's what.  Keep an eye on the Facebook page for information.


Boarding - We remain able to offer boarding for dogs from one household at a time and for any emergency care for your dog, Please ensure your family know your wishes re your dog should you become unwell.  If you have a booking with us  in May or June please get in touch to confirm it either cancelled or otherwise. We don't have a cancellation policy but  we are asking people to perhaps pay a contribution of their booking if you wish just because of the amount of cancellations we are getting just now.  If you have holiday insurance you may be able to claim for the boarding. 


Walking -  We are currently providing very limited services to key workers or those most vulnerable where no-one else is home or able to help. 


We do hope that the CV19 situation stabilises and that we can get back to some form of normality.  We are missing our furry friends so very much and I know they will be missing us and their friends. 


I must say a huge thank you to those of you who have chosen to support us with a monetary contribution through this uncertain time.  from my heart it is hugely comforting to us to have your support. 


We continue to put daily updates on facebook of what we are up to, little videos of training ideas, challenges and photos from our walk that day,  each like, comment and share is much appreciated.  Feel free to post pictures of your dog and let us know what they are getting up to, did I mention we miss them?  If anyone would like to stretch to a recommendation that would be amazing too.


Lets see where we are at the beginning of May.   Fingers crossed for some normality.  in the meantime, I'm using my time to crack on with a few more studies. 


Stay safe and well please.  Kindest regards as ever 




March 2020.  Another email from Walkingwoofs I hear you say.  Yes sorry about that but with so much going on just now it is easier to inform you all via email.  I will try to keep it brief.  


Lets start with the good news....  The Day Centre...  We opened it on Monday just gone and with our first week nearly over we are really pleased. The support and feed back has been super.  so thank you. Please do contact us if you want your dog booked in.  All the dogs so far have loved it.   

We have our 1st workshop there on the 11th April.  Know your dog inside and out.  This is open for 5 people max, and we are offering these spaces for free on our facebook page, go take a look.  


Now on to the rest.....


Alabama rot has taken a local dog, as confirmed by vale vets in Honiton.  They say the dog was walked at Honiton Bottom Road and East hill strips, so please be extra careful with your dogs and wash them off after the walks.  Please continue to leave out a bucket of diluted dog safe disinfectant for us to use if we are walking your dog.   (and a towel)


The dreaded Covid 19. - this has quite literally turned the world upside down hasn't it....     we are business as usual all be it with precautions.  


If we walk your dog and you or anyone in your home is at high risk or you are self isolating, please let us know, we have a plan in place to help you. We are all equipped with disinfectant wipes and gloves, and if you are in need of something then just leave a note on your door and we will try and sort it for you.   we are all in this together so we will all help where we can.     if you know anyone near you that might benefit from our help, let us know.  

The day care remains open as usual,  The gate handles are all disinfected regularly through out the day. 


We ask that even if you are working from home, that if possible you continue to use our services, this keeps the routine for your dog and also helps maintain our income.


Sadly (understandably and not through choice) many of you have had to cancel your holidays and therefore your boarding, and no doubt many more of you will also have to too. This has undoubtedly left us massively out of pocket for the forthcoming months.  We don't have a cancellation policy but  we are asking people to perhaps pay a contribution of their booking if you wish just because of the amount of cancellations we are getting just now.  If you have holiday insurance you may be able to claim for the boarding. 


Walking woofs is a small business which supports our families. its our sole income and we really appreciate the support through this uncertain economic situation.  Many thanks to those of you who have chosen to pay a little towards your dogs stay, it really is appreciated as we really do still want to be here to look after your pets when this madness has blown over.  


Finally, we wish you well.  Stay safe.  and hears to being able to get back to normal as soon as possible.




SPRING 2020  -   I write this news letter in eager anticipation of Spring.  What a wet winter....  Even our wellies need wellies....  Everywhere is truly sodden but we are seeing signs that spring really is just around the corner, bringing with it oodles of sunshine.  Lets hope. 


Walking Woofs turns 3 this week.  I can't believe how time flies, What a 3 years its been.  From setting up on my own with the odd dog here and there to now having a fabulous team beside me to help look after your lovely dogs and cats.  I remain truly grateful for your custom and support over the past 3 years.  Its not always been easy,  but it has always been worth it.   As in life; we've had a few lows but mainly highs, the adventures, knowledge gained, friendships made.  I wouldn't change it for the world.    


Our new Doggy Day centre should also be up and running very soon. With one last inspection on Thursday we should be good to go. Its been a slog with the preparations but its going to be fantastic. indoors there are cosy beds and sofas, platforms to play on, tunnels, dens and many toys, Outside we have climbing blocks, up and over frames, balance beams, sandpit and a splash zone. Its certainly had the woof of approval from our dogs.  Places are limited so if you'd like your dog to join the fun please do contact me.  The centre will be open 7.45am til 6pm Mon - Fri, and it will be £20 per dog with the usual second dog discount.   

Dogs will require a free morning trial to ensure they are happy in the surroundings.   Please see our website for more information.


We are also aiming to run courses and workshops from the unit, such as Canine massage, holistic therapys, Training, First aid, Brain games, Basic grooming and also paw-trait photography etc.  If you or anyone you know would be interested in running a course from this facility please put them in touch with me.  


Alabama Rot has raised its ugly head, we can only assume due to the wet weather.  its still very rare and no one knows anything about it yet in terms of where it comes from or how to treat it.  We are advising people to wash your dogs paws with a safe disinfectant solution after walks and to keep any lesions and cuts clean.  If we walk your dogs please leave a solution available and we will also do this. 


Canine Gastro has also been doing the rounds. Generally this will cause a loss of appetite, vomiting and lethargy for up to 5 days. A mild diet of chicken and rice may help but as always, please consult your vet if worried. We are asking anyone whos dog has been sick to keep their dog away for 48 hours. 


A polite reminder please to book in your boarding needs sooner rather than later, we do get booked up very quickly now and are very nearly full through till September, we do have hosts available but space is not guaranteed.   We also urge you, up on drop off of your dog to notify us of any behavioural changes, this is for the safety and wellbeing of your dog and us.   Also, please make time to check your dogs collar is of good condition and the tag up to date. also thier ID chip.    An additional note here please to request morning drop offs.  Before 9.30am on weekdays as this gives us time to help your dog settle.  We try to remain as flexible as possible for you but please remember we are out walking until 2pm and if you are only just bringing excited fido he wont settle as well as if he would if included in the walks. 

Louise, Nancy and myself are hiking 26 miles over Dartmoor in August.  We are aiming to raise £1000 between us for Alzheimer's Society, If you would like to sponsor us please let us know, or you can do so here  -  thank you.


We are also very excited to see a new grooming Salon opening in Dunkeswell.  This is nothing to do with us but we look forward to working closely with them. Please do give them your support. Contact Wendy from Shampooches for more info.  I believe they are aiming to be open by the end of March. 

this brings me to the end of the news letter.  Below I have included some notes on what to do if your dog gets lost.   Worth a read and the organisations remembered incase you are ever in the unfortunate position to need them.

Many thanks and kind regards


Jenny and team. 



How to deal with a lost dog.

Main points to remember, your dog should have a well fitting collar, id tag and be chipped.  (law)

.Remain calm at all times. -  a dog is not going to want to come back to a screaming owner.

.Happily and calmly call the dogs names as normal. 

.Have a quiet search in the area of ‘point of loss’  -  dogs will mostly return to the point they last saw you.

.Have someone check back at the car / home – they are clever and will sometimes head back to where they know.

.Think outside the box. – Think Dog.


If your dog is missing for several hours you can do the following.

Leave your coat and a bit of kibble at point of loss / last view point.

Post on area sites on social media. – do not underestimate the power of this…..

Continue to remain calm and search the area around the point of loss. 

Have someone run your vehicle (if you drove to the walk) for 5 mins every so often.

Have VERY smelly and high value food at in areas you last saw the dog.

As time goes on contact Dog lost UK (or regional branches if you have them), Drone SAR (search and rescue) for lost dogs uk, uav lost dog search and rescue cic.

Notify your vet and local vets in the area.  List as lost on local council / dog warden.

Contact local farmers / livery yards etc.  

Using “what/three/words” app you can pinpoint where the dog was last seen which helps  


Place unwashed items of clothes in the area that the dog has been seen. 

Remember to eat and drink and remain calm

As time goes on your dog will be more scared and may well go into survival mode so searches need to be calm and quiet.  

Set up a safe place for the dog with smelly food, unwashed clothes, dogs own dog bed etc.  place this somewhere the dog has been spotted.

If no sightings for over 24 hours, widen your search area.

Advise people to not approach, call or grab the dog. 

Use your phone for emergencies only.  You will be inundated with messages. But responding to all will drain the battery life.

Don’t be a martyr, accept help but tell them exactly what to do.  Don’t feel bad about it either.

Try and keep the area calm.  People will turn up to help, send them away or instruct them to help in a way that is helpful, like on watch while you go and have a rest / food etc.

Be prepared to wait.  Keep faith, watch, listen, don’t give up. 

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